A Letter from Yves Laroche

10 May. 2016

Veteran gallerist, Yves Laroche, on the transition to Matthew Namour Gallery.

“It has now been over 15 years that the Yves Laroche Gallery has been presenting artists & artworks from such movements as graffiti, tattooing, pop surrealism, lowbrow, etc. Since the beginning, it has taken immense effort, audacity, and creativity to take on the enormous job of developing these particular markets. We are proud to be considered leaders in the domain.

Having reached an age where my physical energy is simply no longer proportional to that of my spirit (alas!) I have decided it is the opportune moment to find a partner to whom I can confidently pass the torch. I therefore have the pleasure of announcing that today the Yves Laroche Gallery is working, in a sort of informal partnership, with the Matthew Namour Gallery, situated at 217 St Laurent Blvd, in Old Montreal, opening June 29th 2016. The Yves Laroche Gallery will continue to offer its hand and expertise to the Matthew Namour Gallery (Alexis Hranchuk, my current assistant, will be director of operations), but it is at this address that you may now follow the work of the young and emerging artists that have made our gallery so recognizably unique in the past decades. This transition, we are convinced, will permit the artists to have a better visibility and an even greater presence in the international market. Both galleries will remain connected in their desire to highlight young artists with vernissages, international fairs, and all other events.

Please note that the Yves Laroche Gallery will not cease its operations and will continue to present artists and works tied to the secondary market.

I wish all the best of luck to Matthew Namour and his team, who will gracefully continue the work that we dedicated so many years to supporting.”

Yves Laroche

Director, Yves Laroche Gallery

May 2016